Friday, September 2, 2011

Tons of new info!

I have been updating my Bandcamp site quite a bit. Check it out here:

Feel free to e-mail me for a free download code of my album!

- King Lawrence (a well-respected photography and media company) licensed "In the Night" off of the Layers album. Check it out here:

- Community Credit Union licensed "Soda Vs Pop"
off of the A Thousand Shards of Sun album. Animation and motion design by Kevin Kerndt. Check it here:

I have also been writing custom music for feature films. I just finished the score to Two Days in February, directed by Michael P. Noens from Chicago.

I also finished the score to Seasons of Gray a few months ago. The new trailer has been uploaded and can be seen here (a lot of Cue licensed music in here as well):

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