Monday, July 27, 2009

CD Concept

My concept for this CD is to be overly simplistic (at least in terms of my writing style).  There are small instrumental palettes, simple melodies and harmony, quite a bit of layered looping and no percussion.  I'm writing while mainly thinking of its' use in a TV commercial, although it's uses could far exceed that.  My inspiration was from a French composer, whose "band" name is Melodium -

Particularly, the Melodium - Flacana FlacanaFlacana Flacana album, which I've heard a few of his tracks being used in commercials by Frito Lay and others.  Again, very simple and minimal tracks.

I will produce the album with when it is finished, so it will then go to iTunes and Amazon, among other stores.Currently, I'm finishing writing tracks for the CD release.  So far ~16 tracks ranging from :50-5:00 in length.

I'm looking for the artwork of the CD and case to be similar to the concept of the music - simple.  But I want it to be creative and kind of ambiguous (see the Flacana Flacana album artwork or many of Melodium's CDs).  If you'd like to contribute to the album by drawing the artwork, feel free to e-mail me!  I have some ideas and will post some pictures shortly.

The name of my "band" is simply Cue.  The name of the album is potentially Joy.